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Brighton Marina Phase 2

Client: Brunswick Developments / Midgard

Sector: Residential /Mixed Use

Value: £75m

Services: To provide the tender package for the Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health

Phase 2 of Brighton Marina involves the design and construction of 3 blocks (A, J and K) of a total 10 block mixed use development.

It is envisaged that Phase 2 will provide 244 of an approximate total 850 new homes for the overall development. The predominantly residential development will comprise non-residential spaces such as viewing galleries, cafes and retail units, a gymnasium, a crèche and a community centre, all generally accessed directly from street level.

FHPs involvement was to assist the tendering main contractor in preparing their competitive bid by producing an outline scope of building services design.

All services are based on the early scheme design and pre-planning design reports set out by the client consultancy team.

High level calculations, plant selections and schedules were produced along with schematics for all heating, public health, and electrical distribution services.

The mechanical design is based around a central energy centre located 300m to the east in Phase 1 of the development. The new CHP led energy centre will link to Phase 2 via a district heating main which will connect to a heat interface plant room in each block. From here each individual dwelling will be served with hot water for central heating and domestic hot water production through the use of local Heat Interface Units. Billing and metering of residents will be automatic, facilitated by a heat meter in each HIU and a separate data network.

A wet riser and residential sprinkler system was designed for the 40 storey Block K.  All apartments are mechanically ventilated using whole house heat recovery.

Electrically all low voltage sub-mains distribution schematics were produced along with system schematics for comms, security, access control, mechanical plant control.