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Kingston Heights

Client: United House Limited

Sector: Residential

Value: £70M

Services: Overseeing role for the completion of design and installation for the affordable dwellings block for United House Limited.

The complete project comprised of new build residential development comprises 81No private apartments and 56No affordable homes and a 142 bedroom hotel located adjacent to the River Thames. The development is constructed around an existing regional electric district sub-station.

The development is provided with a highly sustainable open/closed water heat pump system producing all heating and hot water requirements for the residential dwellings and cooling for the hotel.

The open/closed water heat pump system recovers low grade energy stored naturally in the River Thames, and extracts up to 150 litres of water per second via a 2 stage filtration system. 

The water passes through high efficient heat exchanges to harvest the low grade heat before being returned back to the river with a temperature change of no more than +/- 3oC.